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One of the nice things about London is seeing different styles of buildings sitting side by side against each other. In residential areas, this usually means seeing streets with a mix of architectural styles such as a Edwardian building next to a more contemporary new builds.

However, towards the inner city of London, the blend between styles can be even more pronounced. Whilst in the outer regions of London, the mix tends to be more a culture clash than anything else, the visual impact within the more central parts of London city is often stunning.

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Wild serenity

And so it is, that as the day closes and man goes back home to rest, nature continues to roar with energy…

Incidentally, I actually took this picture a while ago when I was in Newcastle. I stumbled onto it again whilst browsing through my archives and decided to share it here. I might start uploading some of my other pictures though perhaps under a feature category rather than as part of the usual posts.

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Swing of fortune

Swing of fortune

There’s an element of serendipity involved in photography. Sometimes, you find yourself just lucky enough to stumble onto a photo opportunity.

Even had the container not be in the frame, I still would have taken this picture; I just adore the whole scene with the scaffolding standing next to the wonderful architecture.

However, I do like the way the container has swung into focus. Perhaps it would have looked better without it being there. Perhaps, it’s presence unbalances the scene. But I enjoy what it does bring to the shot; how it’s mere presence demonstrates that fortune still has a hand to play…

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Flying through clouds

Head in the clouds

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to fly. What would it be like to be able to soar through the clouds with the freedom of a bird. Of course, intellectually, I’m aware that clouds are just water vapour and traversing through them would be little different from walking through fog.

But the dreamer inside me feels otherwise.

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Towers and colossus

Were we to transport someone from the past into our times, they would surely marvel at the towers of glass and mortar that we’ve built. We’re almost oblivious to them now because we’re so used to them but they are wonderful engineering feats. Standing tall, proclaiming their presence to the world around, such constructs would have been reserved for places of worship in the past.

Times change and business is now the presiding power; were you to walk into any major city now, you’d probably find it hard to think otherwise.

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